Saturday, February 21, 2009

letter two

Dear Lisa,

Despite the fact i know you wont agree, you are looking pretty good my girl.
I know the pressure you feel to try and fit in with the others and i tell you that really, you are just perfect the way you are.

Your hair is a wonderful natural colour and your height is the envy of your friends.
Keep walking, it will help keep you fit and wear those size 12 blue jeans every chance you get.
They look great.
You look great.

Please think twice about letting anyone pluck your eyebrows- Mum is right, they are a beautiful, perfect shape and to alter them is a tragedy.

Spend as much time as you can with Nana over the next year or so, and don't worry too much if you find yourself between jobs in the near future- this is a plan of the universe ( don't roll your eyes) and you will find yourself with much to do in the meantime.

By now you have probably realised that you wont marry David L.
I can promise you something better is in store.

Pay your board to dad on time- you know how he stresses about money and NEVER buy a red car.

Times are changing fast for you Lisa, please take my word that everything will be OK.


PS......the way you say 'garbage' to dad every time he tries to talk to you ?
.......well.................dont...........karma will kick you in the ass when you have a 16 year old son of your own.

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