Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Letter One- Introduction

Letter One- 13/2/2009

I am now at this time, 45 years old whereas you , my dear little Lisa are barely 20.

I am a Mother moving fast into my cronage- you are a maiden, the path ahead is for your choosing.

And so i will write you these letters, each with a certain topic or maybe none at all.

I will share these lessons of my path but will not infringe upon your path, for what you have to experience, I cannot say.

That is your journey- the journey that brings you to me.

I will write to you about life, love, money, success, religion, children, marriage, respnsibility and personal growth.

I will share with you, what i wish i knew as you start out on this journey.

You, to me, are Lil- for in truth, you are still a babe- i can sense your annoyancce at this 'label' and i smile- if only you knew.

(you are also as thin as you are ever going to be, but thats another story )
So here we go little one.

My journey
Your Journey
Our journey

Blessed be



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