Friday, April 3, 2009

Letter Ten- Just do it

Dear Lisa 35,

Have the surgery.
Have it.
Get the bloody gall bladder out and get it over with.

Despite all good intentions, you WILL NOT heal it with diet, apple cider vinigar, honey and Reiki.

You dont even know what Reiki is do you ?

Sweetie, have the surgery and save us all a lot of sleepless night and painful days.

Just do it.

Lisa 45


  1. Hind sight is fantastic and fantastical...

  2. You have just answered yourself my sweet...just do it and you will feel sooooooo much better.....we will cope without you for just a little while but then you will be back with a vengeance....w.w.

  3. Might be an idea to just have this done....may just be the thing that gets you back on your feet and makes you feel better than you have in dont need that farkin gall bladder!w.w.

  4. Wise words. We will all still be here waiting for you with open arms.


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